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Maximus™ is a breakthrough technology in unlocking human performance via Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT), which is deep resistive breathing while exercising.

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  • Ken Miller PhD

    Biotech Executive | Power Athlete

    My VO2 max improved approximately 6% in just four weeks, damn good. 

    Overall, I've noted lower resting HR, increased lung capacity, with generally longer, deeper breaths while normal breathing, likely activating the parasympathetic nervous symptom resulting in a lot calmer mood, lower cortisol, and less tiredness.

  • Kevin Stout - Competitive Cyclist

    I have tried many devices in my years of endurance racing. I’ve worn backpacks designed to simulate altitude training, slept in oxygen tents, etc.

    This product shocked me, I decreased my 10-mile road bike time from 33:20 minutes to 24 minutes; that's A BIG IMPROVEMENT of over 9 minutes.

    Maximus allowed me to develop more cardiovascular strength while putting less stress on the other parts of my body.

  • Mary Camerino

    Retired R.N

    As a 65-year-old non-athlete, I wanted to improve my overall health. I started using MAXIMUS 2-3 times a week at level 1 to get used to it, and now I use it 4-5 times a week at level 4 during my light strength and flexibility workout. The body adapts quickly, and I can now take deeper breaths and walk hills and steps with ease. I highly recommend MAXIMUS to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

  • Paul Howe

    Business Executive | Former Pro Athlete

    After eight weeks of using MAXIMUS, my strength increased by 40% over baseline across all exercises.

    Focused breathing work during my strength and endurance training there was a significant impact on my quality of life, including the following:

    -Better sleep

    -Lower blood pressure

    -Lower Stress

  • Keith Hetling

    Jersey Mike's Executive

    I increased my max watts on Peloton from 457 to 510. My strength increased on Incline bench press +62%, and my stamina increased 39% on pull-ups.

    As a certified strength and conditioning coach, I was skeptical about the MAXIMUS at first; however, the premise of how the device could improve performance made sense to me.

    I see this device truly setting new performance standards across all sports.

  • Chris Reichart NHL Strength Coach 1994-2005

    As an ex-NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach, I recommend MAXIMUS for on-ice and off-ice HIIT. Sprinting or biking at maximum speed for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of low-intensity jogging or cycling for 8-10 reps, is a great starting point to improve the lactate threshold. MAXIMUS can help improve players' breathing effectiveness during game situations.

  • Jamie Mueller - Founder

    Business Executive - Former NFL Player

    Over 60 weeks now using MAXIMUS, my strength has increased by over 100% on average, and my endurance increased by 50%.

    Resistance breathing during exercise has enhanced my fitness and stress management.

    I've benefited greatly from this device by increasing my strength and endurance, VO2 Max, and Lactate Threshold.

  • RJ

    I am thrilled with the results I receive from training with the MAXIMUS.

    This has helped me better understand the importance of strengthening your cardio-pulmonary system for overall health.

    My strength and endurance are better than ever - MAXIMUS for better Health & Wellness.

    Thank you!!

  • Sal Goldberg - Retired Executive

    While I cannot be sure that MAXIMUS will add years to my life, I can assure you that it has added life to my years.

    I shaved 30% off my cycling time in the 2.5 miles I typically sprinted through. I've also managed to Increase my strength by +27% on average across all exercises.

    I've also noticed Improved concentration, better sleep, improved memory, and an overall sense of well-being.

    A must-have If you are at all fitness-savvy.

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Increased VO2 Max

"After 16 weeks of using MAXIMUS during exercise, my Endurance, VO2 Max score improved by 25%"

This is one prototype user's experience using MAXIMUS over 16 weeks with VO2 Testing using Polar Technology.

Results are variable dependent on baseline fitness, frequency of device use, resistance levels employed, duration of training sessions, and intensity of training sessions.

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Increased Strength + Endurance

On average, MAXIMUS prototype users saw a 24% Increase in Endurance & 43% in Strength after eight weeks.

*Prototype users were not high-level athletes, thus more likely for significant gains. The only change made was adding a MAXIMUS device during their training routine.

*Highly competitive athletes' results will not be nearly as great. Results will vary.

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