The RMT Revolution

Scientific evidence suggests that adjustable Respiratory Muscle Training, both inspiratory and expiratory breathing resistance during exercise could afford users a much more profound impact on strength and endurance, when compared to exercise alone.

After reviewing the scientific literature, we set out to design such a device.


Unleashing Potential

By strengthening lungs efficiencies, athletic performance soars as enhanced respiratory muscles rapidly deliver oxygen seamlessly to the heart and muscles. This vital flow fuels your body, boosting overall endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Dual resistance (inspiratory / expiratory) adjustable resistance airflow during exercise is a game changer for improved VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold. If your just looking to improve your longevity via VO2 Max or you are and elite athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, MAXIMUS may be for you. Designed to be extremely effective and feather light at < 1 OZ.

The only device designed for use while walking to HIIT workouts to maximize your impact working as a FULCRUM for every exercise, maximizing results.

Powerhouse Lungs

Experience the symbiotic harmony of lungs and heart working in unison, elevating your athletic power to new heights. MAXIMUS strengthens your respiratory muscles, unleashing a torrent of oxygen-rich blood that invigorates every muscle. With each breath, tap into your hidden potential and become an unstoppable force while Simultaneously increasing VO2 Max and lactate threshold over time.

Proven Performance

MAXIMUS RMT, boosts athletic performance by strengthening respiratory muscles and optimizing overall lung efficiencies and oxygen use.

With Maximus, this resistance training is like weightlifting for your lungs, increasing endurance over time.

Experience a FORCE MULTIPLIER for your exercise for a lower resting heart rate, enhanced VO2 MAX, and an improved Lactate Threshold.

The Science of RMT

The science of RMT is not new, however looking at athletics, VO2 Max and Lactate threshold is in its infancy.

While some early data suggests that Dual respiratory airflow resistance, both inhaling and exhaling, is superior for athletics we are the first to design a device for such use.

While it is proven, RMT bolsters respiratory strength, optimizes oxygen delivery, and curtails breathlessness.

MAXIMUS harnesses this to enhance your circulatory system, resulting in a lower resting heart rate, increased VO2 max, and improved lactate threshold.

MAXIMUS acts as a FORCE MULTIPLIER for any and all exercises!