Unleash your athletic potential with MAXIMUS, the ONLY patented Respiratory Muscle Training device designed for use During Exercise for MAXIMUS GAINS.

UNLOCK Your Athletic Potential with MAXIMUS.

Discover Benefits

Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

MAXIMUS strengthens the diaphragm, enhancing your ability to take deeper, more efficient breaths. Experience the rush of oxygen-rich air filling your lungs, fueling your body for optimum performance.

Boost Caloric Burn

Kick your workouts up a notch. With MAXIMUS, your respiratory muscles work harder, increasing caloric burn. Reach your fitness goals faster.

Enhance Mental Focus

Breathing is the bridge between mind and body. MAXIMUS helps you harness this connection, sharpening mental focus and improving overall athletic performance.

Increase Endurance & VO2 MAX

MAXIMUS takes your endurance to the next level. With stronger respiratory muscles, your body utilizes oxygen more efficiently, boosting your VO2 MAX and allowing you to push your limits.

Lower Resting Heart Rate

Strengthening your respiratory muscles with MAXIMUS can lead to a lower resting heart rate, a key indicator of cardiovascular health. Enjoy the tranquility of a stronger heart.

Maximize Lung Volume

Expand your horizons - and your lungs. With MAXIMUS, experience the power of increased lung volume, and fill every corner of your body with the vital energy of oxygen.

Boost Performance

MAXIMUS helps you reach your peak performance, faster. By improving your respiratory muscle strength and lung capacity, you'll be crossing the finish line ahead of the rest.

RMT During Exercise HIIT Training, Crossfit Maximize your strength & endurance using breathwork during exercise for maximal gains with MAXIMUS